SUSTACU series

Setting the new sustainable industry standard

Recognizing the importance of sustainability, we are proud to introduce SUSTACU™ - key products with a verified lower carbon footprint. Since electricity plays a key role in the fight against climate change, we want to offer this unique line of products.
The SUSTACU series, are all made of sustainable copper. That means that you can take advantage of our world renown high quality products and at the same time increase your sustainability engagements

The Sweden Coil Center's SUSTACU coils is a low carbon footprint coil produced in Sweden with recycled Copper from Boliden.


Like it or not, we all stand before enormous environmental challenges – of which the manufacturing industry plays a major part. And where there is industry there is a huge need for electricity – created and consumed by copper windings in generators and electrical motors. Imagine choosing sustainable copper for those coils.
That is what SUSTACU is all about.

Our SUSTACU coils are manufactured with a mix of Boliden’s Low-Carbon Copper and Recycled Copper (click here for more information). On top of that we guarantee that these products are shipped from our facilities with fossil-free shipping methods.
At the end of the day our coils give you the opportunity to lighten the carbon footprint for your business.

How does SUSTACU work?

Our SUSTACU coils are manufactured in the same way as our high quality coils – with the following improvements:

  • Low-Carbon Copper from Boliden’s own copper mines.
  • Recycled copper from electronics and other applications.
  • Green energy powered manufacturing process
  • Fossil-free shipping

Certified low carbon footprint

The SUSTACU products comes with a certificate as a proof of authenticity. It will help both your company as well as your clients to reach the objectives for sustainable development. Since there are no international standards, you are welcome to visit us anytime and make sure that we walk the talk.

About us

SCC (Sweden Coil Center) AB is a manufacturer of high-quality coils for AC and DC machines - from small industry motors up to large power generation machines. The production facility was established by ASEA in 1970, so even though the company SCC was founded recently in 2022 the experience inside our walls is well-documented.

Ever since the ASEA and ABB days our quality is well renown around the globe, just as our ability to adapt to our customers specific needs.

We offer:

  • Diamond coils*
  • Roeble bars
  • Turbo coils and bars*
  • Armature coils*
  • Winding kits

*available as SUSTACU

We´re certified

SCC (Sweden Coil Center) AB earned the following certifications: